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Diary of a Diet Guru's Wife


by The Diet Guru's Wife on 01/13/12

One of the first things about The Diet Guru’s plans that appealed to me was his philosophy of 80% diet and 20% exercise.  Not being a big fan of exercise, I thought I had reached the pearly gates of healthy-living heaven! 

However, even though I have reached the pearly gates, I still have to walk in and stroll around 20% of the time.  As much as I would like to, I can’t just walk through, sit at the heavenly table and enjoy the feast.  The Diet Guru is very passive about hinting to me when it’s that time to start exercising.    He has this method.  First, he starts talking about how he’s going to work out and what he’s going to do.  When, that doesn’t work, he starts wearing his workout clothes around the house.  When that doesn’t even work, he resorts to telling me all about the benefits exercise does for you.  Next, he starts reeling off how many more calories I can have if I exercise (this is when I know he’s getting desperate).  When all else fails, he looks at me and says, “You know it’s 80% diet, 20% exercise.  You can’t just ignore the 20% exercise.”  Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be.  Hardball.  In my mind, it’s all I can do just to have the will power to resist all the demonic energies (brownies, ice cream, CHIPS) out there.  Every time I drive past a restaurant, grocery store or gas station, I am battling these evil forces.  Isn’t that enough exercise?  Apparently, not. 

So, what is enough exercise?  I certainly did NOT want to go to the gym for two hours every day.  I haven’t had the best experiences at the gym, so therefore, it wasn’t my favorite place.   Many times I have gone, only to be frowned at by the front door personnel when I arrived, making the experience all the more miserable.  Even when I have visited the gyms with The Diet Guru, they would just look me up and down, dismiss me with a paltry, “Hi,” and then dote on The Diet Guru as if he were some sort of gym royalty.  I mean, he does hold a lifetime personal training certificate with the National Gym Association, but what about the rest of us commoners?  It seemed like if you weren’t a muscle head or female bodybuilder, you weren’t worthy of being in the presence of their popular clique.  The Diet Guru knows that I feel this way, so he always encourages me to do whatever makes me happy.  What form of exercise do I enjoy?  Well, I love to walk on the beach (who wouldn’t), and I love to dance, and hike, oh yeah; I definitely like to hike.  Anything that doesn’t feel like I’m working out.  So, The Diet Guru encouraged me to do those things. 

And, don’t be like I used to be and make excuses.  I used to live in the Dallas area and I would often say, “If I only lived near a beach, I would walk more.”  Or, “If I only lived in a mountainous area, I would hike.”  “If I only had a home gym, I would work out.”  Well, let me tell you.  We now live 10 minutes from the beach, have a home gym, and it’s usually between 70-85 degrees outside.  I HAVE NO EXCUSES! 

So, Tuesday was my first day back to my 20% exercise plan.  I exercise no more than 30 minutes, every other day.  It can be anything from doing Just Dance on the kids’ Wii, walking (on the beach, treadmill or outside), or weight training (this can be done in your own home or at the gym).  The possibilities are endless for you and your individual likes and needs.  The important thing is to get in motion so you don’t reach the pearly gates before your time.

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